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Letter: Help us keep recycling going at Ace Hardware

To the Editor:

Saturday Recycling at Country ACE Hardware in Granby has been very busy this summer. The recycle bins have been filling earlier every Saturday and we are turning cars away. We are sorry for this inconvenience and it would be nice to eliminate this problem, but sadly, as the way of everything, we need money to accomplish this. Thanks to the town of Granby, the town of Grand Lake and donations from some of the recyclers on Saturdays, we have been able to maintain the Saturday Recycling as is. If we could get donations of $2 per car that comes to recycle each Saturday, we could look at keeping open until 1 p.m. as advertised. Until that happens, thank you for recycling and keeping the recyclables out of the landfills, and please understand we are open from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m., or until full.

Nancy Franz

GRRC, Granby

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