Results of the May 6 special districts election |

Results of the May 6 special districts election

11:45 p.m. — Grand Lake Fire Protection District will welcome three new board members, which according to unofficial election results, will likely be Mindy Everhart, Jason Allen and Larry Malouff. Incumbent Donald Dean was unseated. Melinda Everhart — 170 Jason Allen — 149 Larry Malouff —130 Frank Reardon — 118 Donald Dean — 108 Jeff Buckley — 104 Richard Campbell — 93 Patricia Farmer — 81 Scott Huff – 73 Richard Sisung — 38 11:00 p.m. — Three Lakes Water & Sanitation District voters elected two board members for a four-year term and one board member for a two-year term. Julia Nessen-Gasner received the most votes for the four-year term at 117, but the second seat was a tight race. According to unofficial election results, Daniel S. Knox barely squeeked ahead of Connie Robertson by one vote. The two-year term will go to Pat Farmer. Candidates for a four-year term: Julia Nessen-Gasner — 117 Daniel S. Knox — 110 Connie Robertson — 109 Bernie Keefe — 106 Steve White — 56 Candidates for a two-year term: Patricia Farmer — 97 Rudy Perez — 79 John Hanick — 69 11:00 p.m. ­— According to the Grand Lake Metropolitan Recreation District's unofficial election results, George Coolin will retain his board position, while Patrick Williams and John Murray will take the other two board positions. George Coolin 166 Patrick Williams 137 John Murray 128 Antionette (Tonie) Beckley 121 Jason Allen 99 David Boelter 62 Steve White 42 9:30 p.m. — Unofficial election results from the Fraser Valley Metropolitan Recreation District show incumbent John Glancey will retain his position while incumbent Andrew Chasin is unseated. David McKnight and Kimberly Hanna appear to have gained the second and third seats. While 35 lingering overseas ballots have yet to be counted, it seams Hanna's position is secure, currently 69 votes ahead of fourth-place candidate Michael Shawn Moynahan. John Glancey — 644 David McKnight —573 Kimberly Hanna — 536 Michael Shawn Moynahan — 467 David Jens Peterson —378 Andrew Chasin — 290 8:40 p.m. — In the first election results reported, it appears two Grand Fire Protection District No. 1 board incumbents will be keeping their seats. According to the Judges Unofficial Abstract, Michael Brooks swept with 156 votes, but newcomer Wayne Kerber came in second with 90 votes, unseating Rod Lock. With 83 votes, Dick Himes will also retain his board position. Michael Brooks — 156 Wayne Kerber — 90 Richard Himes — 83 Rodney Lock — 62 Susan Thurton — 52 Alina Bell — 40

Grand Lake Rec District voters elect Summers, Gould; about one in 12 cast ballots

By Tonya Bina Sky-Hi Daily News About one in 12 eligible voters elected one incumbent and one challenger in the Grand Lake Metropolitan Recreation District election on Tuesday; meanwhile 2,111 voters passed on the opportunity. With 113 votes, Grand Lake’s Don Summers is joining the recreation district board, according to initial election results released Tuesday night. Voters also re-elected district board president John Gould, with 110 votes. Summers will fill the seat of former board member Tom Jenkins, who declined to seek re-election. Candidates Kevin Leppke, Jeff Hauck and Joe Nesvara secured 81, 59 and 18 votes respectively. “I’m happy about the way it went,” said the vote-victor Summers, reached at his home after the election. “Obviously, I wouldn’t run if I didn’t want to get elected. I’m looking forward to the challenge.” Gould was also at home. “I’m looking forward to the opportunity to continue the progress made,” he said, “and working with the board and community to move the district in the direction of fiscal responsibility and to introduce as many self-sustaining programs as possible.” Although the winners were pleased with the outcome, election turnout was underwhelming. “I’m surprised how many people don’t exercise their right to vote,” commented election judge Kelly Shockey at about 3 p.m., with voter 91 in the booth out of an electorate of 2,300 . Two years ago the district election attracted some 700 voters, with mail-in and walk-in voters split evenly. Election official Kathy Lewis said the previous election’s much higher turnout may have been due to a significant bond issue on the ballot. This year, a total of 189 voters cast ballots, with 46 of them mail-in votes. Summers speculated the low voter numbers may have been due to the time of year. Even so, the new board member hopes the upcoming term will serve to “get people more interested in their recreation district,” he said. “We can work together to do the best we can for our community,” he said. Gould shared in Summers’ aspiration to work together. The first order of business on his list, he said, is “getting the board to work as one unit and agree on the goals of the district, and we need to do everything we can as a board to give staff the tools to meet those goals.” The district board has the discretion to re-appoint Gould as president or select another board member to take on the roll. Regardless, Gould said he plans to be “passionate about trails” in his upcoming term, as well as to continue down the course of forest mitigation on district lands. ” Tonya Bina can be reached at 887-3334 ext. 19603 or e-mail

Kremming’s inaugural Redneck Mudshuffle a success

Engines roared and the mud flew through the air as drivers attempted to race their pickup trucks over the muddy course of the Redneck Mudshuffle & Calcutta at the fairgrounds in Kremmling on Sunday, May 25. A total of 28 teams competed in Sundays contest. Under the rules of the competition, each team had to make two runs over the course with the combined time determining the teams results. Each team was required to have two drivers, each of whom had to make one of the runs.Another requirement under the races rules was that none of the vehicles were allowed to be more than 500 horsepower. The success of each team was based on teamwork and driving skill, not horsepower.The complete results for last Sundays Redneck Mudshuffle & Calcutta are: 1. Gully/Scuzzaro, 78.23; 2. Timmerman/Fobert, 82.01; 3. Valencia, 82.57; 4. McMahon/Debroot, 82.64; 5. Shirado, 82.89; 6. Bauer, 84.98; 7. Redding/Soefker, 85.67; 8. Suppes/Ulrick, 87.68; 9. Omara/Keim, 88.35; 10. Kennedy, 88.55; 11. Phipps, 92.27; 12. Docheff/Gore, 94.2; 13. Higgins/Terryberry, 95.4; 14. Onken/VanNatta, 95.42; 15. Sheppardson/Colter, 98.72; 16. Cherry/Davis, 99.85; 17. Scott, 101.03; 17. Collins/Cherry, 103.91; 18. Johnson/Barr, 104.07; 19. Tamburelli/Scuzzaro, 104.79; 20. Johnson/Menhennett, 106.66; 21. Smith, 109.74; 22. Meyer/Rusher, 110.17; 23. Smith/Reckker, 112.15; 24. Blakesky/Deschene, 113.22; 25. Jones/Wilson, 115.6; 26. Acord/Reed, 117.58; 27. Docheff, 117.82; Higgins/Joyce, DQ.

Grand Fire welcomes newly elected Board members

The Grand Fire Protection District (GFPD), headquartered in Granby, is one of four fire protection districts east of Byers Canyon in Grand County. The District recently held an election for new members of the department's Board of Directors. Grand Fire's Assistant Chief Schelly Olson provided unofficial results last week. The results were formally certified on May 12 following the legally mandated waiting period for receipt of overseas military ballots. The election, held in early May, featured four candidates, Ray Jennings, Alina Bell, Patricia Peterson and Susan Thurston, running for two four-year terms on the Board. Voters within the District have selected Alina Bell and Patricia Peterson as the next members of the Board. Bell received a total of 66 votes while Peterson received 41. Candidates Ray Jennings and Susan Thurston received 33 votes and 30 votes respectively. Bell was a member of the GFPD Board of Directors before the May 3 election, having previously been appointed to a position on the Board when former Board member Jeff Crane retired mid-term. Peterson will replace outgoing Board member Gary Nordloh. Following the election Patricia "Patty" Peterson expressed her happiness with the results. "I am pleased to be a part of the special election and the Fire Board," Peterson said. "I hope that my experience in the past will make a difference in the future in decisions the Fire Board makes on behalf of the Fire Department of Granby." Grand Fire's Chief and District Administrator Ron Thompson explained he is looking forward to working with the new Board, which is largely unchanged from the previous Board. "We are basically coming back to four of the same members we had with one change, that being Patty," said Chief Thompson. "I look forward to a very positive relationship with the Board. They have a very high level of interest in serving the community from a fire safety and life safety standpoint." Moving forward Chief Thompson said he expects positive developments. "I see a continuation of the path we have been on. I don't see any negatives at all. We have a really positive attitude as a group." Bell and Peterson will join the GFPD's other Board members Wayne Kerber, Richard Himes and Michael Brooks.

Kremmling voters elect Isaac Schonlau, Ken Bentler and Erik Woog to trustee positions

In a light turnout of voters, the citizens of Kremmling elected three trustees to Town Council in Tuesdays municipal election.Four candidates were running in the election for three trustee seats. The top vote-getters in Tuesdays election were the successful candidates.The official results are: Isaac Schonlau, 100 votes; Ken Bentler, 98 votes; Erik Woog, 93 votes; and John Cowboy Adams, 64 votes. Based upon the above results, the three candidates who have been elected are: Isaac Schonlau is a first-time candidate for the Kremmling Town Board. He was born and raised in Kremmling, graduating from West Grand High School. He has been a full-time employee of Mountain Parks Electric. He is married and has a 4-year-old daughter. Ken Bentler was the incumbent candidate who just completed his first four-year term as a Kremmling trustee. He is a six-year resident and owner of the Rocky Mountain Bar & Grill. He is married and has an 8-year-old son. Erik Woog is a first-time candidate for the Kremmling Town Board. He moved to Kremmling at age 12 and later graduated from West Grand High School. He is the owner of Alpine Motor Sports, which he opened in 1991. He is married and has a 3-1/2 year-old son.Unsuccessful in his bid for a trustee position in Tuesdays election was John Cowboy Adams, who was also a first-time candidate for the Kremmling Town Board. A 34-year-year resident of the Kremmling area and a retiree, he had the misfortune of breaking his pelvis after being thrown from a horse about 10 days ago. Despite his injuries and hospitalization, he decided to continue his candidacy.The newly elected trustees will be taking the oath of office at the Kremmling town councils next meeting at 7 p.m. on Monday, April 7. Bentler will be sworn in for his second four-year term as a trustee. Schonlau and Woog are filling the seats being left vacant by retiring trustees Jim Sloan and Bonnie Colburn. Sloan served for 18 years while Colburn completed 11 years on the Town Council.

Grand Lake Fire elects new Board

This spring Grand County has played host to a plethora of local government elections. From Town government to special districts the citizens of Grand County have cast votes for their chosen leaders. Most of the elections were held in April but the Grand Lake Fire Protection District (GLFPD) held their Board elections in early May. Officials from Grand Lake Fire provided unofficial election results last week. The results will become official this week after the legally required waiting period for the submission of overseas military ballots. The Grand Lake Fire Protection District Board election featured five candidates running for four seats. Both Richard Romshek and Mindy Nelson ran unopposed for two-year terms on the Board and both were elected with Romshek receiving 139 votes and Nelson receiving 114. Richard Romshek expressed his thanks to the voters of the district. "I appreciate the voters confidence in us," Romshek said. "I am looking forward to working with this board in the interests of the Fire District. I am excited to be back associated with the Fire District." "I hope the new Board brings some changes to Grand Lake Fire," said Mindy Nelson. "I think the new Board should bring better health to the taxpayers, the employees, the membership and pretty much everyone who works with the department." The GLFPD election also featured three candidates, Hayden Burke, Chris Ruske and David Craig, running for two four-year terms on the Board. Both Ruske and Craig secured seats on the Board of Directors for Grand Lake Fire receiving 101 votes and 131 votes respectively. Candidate Hayden Burke received 68 votes. David Craig expressed excitement regarding his election. "I'm just honored that the fine citizens of Grand Lake would consider me a suitable candidate for the Board," Craig said. "I am going to return their kindness by serving them well and representing their interests… The last year that I have been a part of the Board we have tried diligently to operate in a transparent light and I expect that to continue." Chris Ruske was more taciturn in his comments. "I just appreciate everybody who voted for me," Ruske said. "Hopefully we continue on with all the positives we have been able to perform for the last couple of years." Grand Lake Fire Chief Mike Long offered comments on the results of the election stating, "I'm eager to work with the new board and it should be an easy transition as I know them all both personally and professionally." Chief Long explained that while the Board is technically taking on new members there is a wealth of previous experience within the department among the candidates who ran. "Three of the board members are rolling over from the last board and that's a good thing for the community from a current knowledge and continuity of operations standpoint. The other two 'new' members have served with the GLFPD in a variety of roles (up to Fire Chief in the case of Dick Romshek) in the past so they are coming in with a working knowledge of the organization."

LaBrake replaces Coatney on Granby town board

The Granby Board of Trustees has voted to appoint former trustee Charles LaBrake to replace outgoing trustee Ken Coatney. The board voted three to one to appoint LaBrake to fill Coatney's nascent four-year term at its June 10 meeting. Coatney, the former mayor pro-tem, announced his resignation at the board's May 27 meeting. Coatney, who was in his third term as a trustee, resigned because he'd accepted a job as a supply chain manager for a well services company in Denver, he said. He currently commutes, but he will eventually move to the Front Range. "It was very enjoyable and I think we left the town in a good place," Coatney said of his two-plus terms on the board. "We've got a highly competent and a very passionate board." The board appointed trustee Deborah Shaw to replace Coatney as mayor pro-tem. This is the second time that LaBrake has fulfilled the term of an outgoing trustee. The first was trustee Joe Cross, with a term that ended in 2008. Re-elected in 2012, trustee Robin Trainor unseated incumbent LaBrake in the April 2014 election. LaBrake received 66 votes in that election, trailing incumbent Shaw by three.

Municipal Elections Results

Note: All election results are unofficial. Voters defeated an initiative Tuesday to allow the Town of Granby to put in place a home rule charter committee that would have created a home rule charter for the town. The initiative failed by a 223-147 vote, according to unofficial results. Voters, however, approved, 196-174, allowing the town to publish ordinances in the newspaper by title only and approved, 230-141, allowing the town to publish its monthly bills on its website only. Deb Shaw, Ed Raffety and Ken Coatney were all reelected for office with votes of 177, 151 and 139 respectively. Other votes were: David Miller, 124; Ed Magee, 120; Charles LeBrake, 103; Pete Gallo, 81; and, Craig Crippen, 80. In Winter Park, faces on town council will remain the same. Vincent Turner received 69 votes; Michael Periolat received 64 votes; Barbara Atwater received 59 votes; Jimmy Lahrman received 54 votes; Katie Riemenschneider received 53 votes; Charles Banks received 41 votes; and, Peggy Woods received 30 votes. Lahrman and Riemenschneider will serve two-year terms. The other terms are all four years. Fraser voters elected David Pratt with 70 votes; Steve Sumrall with 68 votes; and, Peggy Smith with 57 votes to the Board of Trustees. Vesta Shapiro, with 56 votes; Kim Linin with 55 votes; and, Philip Naill with 41 votes were not seated on the board. Kremmling voters also approved, 132-98, the ballot measure to publish in the newspaper ordinances by titles only and approved, 148-81, the measure to publish bills online only. The election for the town board of trustees was uncontested. Jason Bock received 162 votes; Grant Burger III received 163 votes; and Michael G. Music received 165 votes. Thomas Clark was re-elected mayor with 172 votes. In Hot Sulphur Springs, Hershal Deputy was re-elected mayor in an uncontested election with 93 votes. Town trustees will be: Dan Nolan with 100 votes; Heather Peck with 97 votes; Robert McVay with 76 votes and Lucy Meirose with 71 votes. Not elected were: Christine Lee who received 51 votes and Summer Shuster who received 35 votes. Grand Lake voters approved both ballot measures. Referred Question A, which passed 21-2 will allow the Town to publish ordinances by title only with the complete text available through the Grand Lake Town Hall and on the Town’s official website. Referred Question B, which passed 20-3, will allow the monthly listing of the payment of bills to be made available through the Grand Lake Town Hall and on the Town’s official website instead of publication in the newspaper. The town board of trustees election was uncontested. Jim Peterson received 24 votes; Tom Weydert received 23 votes and David Gibbons received 8 votes.

Grand Lake Fire voters reject eliminating term limits

The following results are from the special district elections, which took place on Tuesday, May 8. Grand Lake Fire District: the majority of voters opposed the district eliminating board-member term limits. The ballot question did not pass, with 189 no votes to 139 yes votes. Uncontested, Chris Ruske and Fred Schroeder were elected onto the board. A total of 60 walk-in voters attended the polling-place election, and 272 permanent mail-in voters returned their ballots. Grand Lake Metropolitan Recreation District: Incumbent Donnie Summers gained 266 votes and William Cottrell gained 166 votes to be elected onto the recreation board. Challenger George Coolin fell short of being elected by just 9 votes, with 157. A total of 85 voters attended the polling-place election, and 264 voters returned their mail-in ballots. Granby Fire: In “unofficial” results, incumbent Jeff Crane garnered 258 votes and his challenger Gary Nordloh had 238 votes, putting them on the district board. Incumbent Mark Krieg pulled in 226 votes, while challenger Clifford Wood had 206 votes. The district received 420 mailed ballots, while 73 people went to the poll. SilverCreek Water and Sanitation District: The three incumbents won in the SilverCreek water and sanitation election: David Bailey had 43 votes; Tom Sifers had 79; and Wayde Walker garnered 88. Losing by three votes in the race for the four-year term, Rick Jernigan took in 40 votes. Incumbent James Pedersen, who ran unopposed for the board’s two-year term seat, had 77 votes. A total of 93 people returned their ballots in the mail-ballot election. Winter Park Ranch Water and Sanitation District: Incumbents Jon Westerlund, with 104 votes, and Jim Cordell, with 100 votes, won back their board seats for another four years. Challenger John Althoff gained 33 votes. A total of 135 ballots were returned to the district in the mail-ballot election.

Tom Sifers is president-elect of Colorado Association of School Boards

East Grand School District Board of Education member Tom Sifers has been elected president-elect of the Colorado Association of School Boards (CASB). CASB’s Board of Directors elected Sifers at their meeting Jan. 23, 2011. He will serve as president-elect until December when, at CASB’s annual convention in Colorado Springs, he will begin his one-year term as president. By a vote of the association’s delegate assembly, Sifers was elected to a second three-year term on the CASB Board in December 2009. He represents CASB’s Region 7 that includes seven school districts in northwest Colorado. Region 7 is one of 12 CASB regions. Currently president of the East Grand Board of Education, Sifers was first elected to his local school board in November 2005. His current term expires in 2013. Sifers is the assistant general manager at Mountain Parks Electric in Granby. He is a past president of the Granby Chamber of Commerce, a past president of the Granby Rotary Club, serves on the board of directors of Silver Creek Water and Sanitation District, and is on the Executive Board of the Colorado High School Activities Association.