Fraser couple weds after eleven years together |

Fraser couple weds after eleven years together

There was no wedding planner for Fraser residents Eric Van Herwaarden and Philip Naill's July 11 wedding in downtown Denver. No tuxedo rentals. No fragrant bouquets or champagne toasts. But there was a lot of celebrating. "I can't tell you how welcoming everyone was, and how excited they were to be able to finally do this," Van Herwaarden said of the Denver county clerk staff who guided them through the process. Van Herwaarden and Naill said "I do" during a maelstrom of legal activity regarding the rights of gay couples to marry in Colorado. The family went to Denver that day for a doctor's appointment for their 2-year-old son, Jacob. "It was kind of spur of the moment," said Van Herwaarden. "We thought, we're in a county that recognizes our commitment to each other." That commitment began in 2003 when the two met and began their relationship. Since then, they've bought a home, cared for their brood of pugs, and in the fall of 2011, adopted their son. They refer to each other as "my spouse," and did so before the marriage certificate was issued. But having the official license makes a difference to them. "Jacob put his handprint on the marriage license … he was our witness and that just kind of tied our family together," said Van Herwaarden. "We've been together for 11 years so obviously we are together for better or worse. It was kind of like we sealed a contract together. We would have to get divorced now if we separated," said Naill. Earlier Civil union The pair performed a civil union in Grand County earlier this year and plans to have a reception sometime this fall. They are in the process of changing their last name to Vandernail, which is already Jacob's last name. "I think it's good for Jacob because when he grows older he can tell his friends, 'yeah, his dads are married, just like your mom and dad are married.' So I think it's good for him, too," said Van Herwaarden. July 11 was the second day that Denver County issued marriage certificates to same-sex couples. On July 9, Adam's County District Court Judge C. Scott Crabtree ruled that Colorado's gay marriage ban violates constitutional rights, but the decision is stayed pending review from a higher court. His decision followed another case in which the Tenth District Court, which includes Colorado, struck down Utah's ban on gay marriage. "That's what everyone is starting to see — it is unconstitutional to have a ban against same-sex couples," said Van Herwaarden of the recent cases. "Our rights were voted upon, and it shouldn't be that way." Naill and Van Herwaarden saw other same-sex couples at the Denver Courthouse the day they married. "We took a number and got it line, just like everyone else. It was awesome. There were brides and grooms and grooms and grooms. It finally felt like we had some normality to our relationship, just like everyone else," said Van Herwaarden. Three Colorado counties issued marriage licenses to same-sex couples: Boulder, Denver, and Pueblo. All were ordered to stop. Colorado Attorney General John Suthers went to the Colorado Supreme Court to order them to cease issuing the licenses until the higher courts decide. Denver and Pueblo acquiesced, but Boulder continues. A federal Judge is scheduled to hear arguments on the case beginning next Tuesday. No marriages in Grand Before going to Denver, Naill called the Grand County Clerk and Recorder's office to inquire if they could get married in the county where they live. County Clerk Sara Rosene was advised not to by her attorney. When the Sky Hi News contacted her for a comment, she stood by her decision. "State law at that point mandated that a marriage license be between a man and a woman," she said. Her reaction to their request, along with the recent results of a poll at, has made the couple more willing to be in the spotlight. The poll on, asked "Do you applaud momentum in support of gay-marriage rights in Colorado?" 67.27 percent of respondents said no. "The poll results up here on the website were a little hurtful because there are gay families up here and I want people to know that," said Van Herwaarden. Naill and Van Herwaarden are active members in the Fraser Valley community — Naill serves on the Fraser Town Board. Their son is growing up here. "We're part of your community. For you to say that our marriage isn't as valid as yours or that you don't agree with it is not fair," said Naill.

Letter: Let’s hope for marriage equality

Thank you for running the story about Philip Naill and Eric Van Herwaarden getting their marriage certificate. Hopefully, one day, they can be truly and legally married in Grand County as well as anywhere else. Sadly the people who are denying them this happiness are also people who are free to enjoy this right themselves. How fair is that? Divorce is a bigger threat to marriage than people who love each other. We could use a little more love and tolerance given all the problems in the world right now. Best wishes for a happy future, Philip, Eric, and little Jacob. Jane Tollett Tabernash

Grand County Real Estate Transactions, Sept. 27 to Oct. 3, 2015

Grand County transactions Oct. 4 to Oct. 10 TRT D/E SEC 1 TWP 1N R 77W Partial Legal – See Document – John B Murphy Revocable Living Trust, Carolyn Hudak Murphy Revocable Living Trust to ST Ranch LLC, $858,627 Hot Sulphur Springs 1st Addn Block 16, Lots 5,6,7,8,9,10 – Rick Myers to Matthew and Jeannine Swatzki, $170,000 Columbine Lake Lot 82, Block 8 – Gregory and Susan Glass to Stephen and Tessa Tarr, $217,500 Trailhead Lodges Lodge 3, Unit 332 – Summit Legend Trailhead Inc to Kevin and Anne Dingle, $381,377 Eagle Addition to Kremmling Lot 4, Block 3 – Craig and Cindy Naill to Shane and Kimberly Bodemann, $35,000 Sun River Townhomes Lot 3 – John Bartley, Jerome and Joyce Turrin to Douglas Holt and Tuba Ustuner, $200,000 Trade Exchange Rockies Inc Minor Subdivision 1, Lot 11A, Block 3 – Gregory Browne to Andrea and Jess Buller, $172,000 Meadow Ridge Lodges Court 10, Unit 8 – Larry and Sandra Glasser to Christopher and Kathryn Purcell, $184,250 Lakeside at Pole Creek Townhomes Unit 25B – G3 LLC to Lyle and Sue Pfeifer, $394,900 Timbers Condominiums Unit 1, Bldg 8 – Michael Juhnke to Kenneth and Angela Mackey, $242,000 Nobel Outright Exemption Lot B – Daniel and Denise Verdoorn, Denise Overhardt to Jacquelyn K Beaver Trust, $1,074,000 Winter Park Meadows Condo Unit 1C – Wilbur and Nichole Sameshima to Kim Turnbo, $71,900 Frontier Investment Company Addition to Kremmling Block 27, Lots 7,8,9,10 – J D Ward to Steven Hatcher and Lannette Eastep, $120,000 Trailhead Lodges Lodge 3, Unit 322 – Summit Legend Trailhead Inc to Andrew and Beth Inhelder, $359,900 Sawmill Station Townhomes Unit 1D – Peter Edwards to Esteban and Imelda Rocha, $340,000 Columbine Lake Lot 89, Block 8 – Richard Williams to Joseph and Stephanie Osborn, $242,000 Whistlestop Townhomes Exemption No 1, Unit E2 – Cabin Properties LLC to Dulce and Jose Munoz, Dulce Maricela Llamosas Demunoz, $615,000 Trailhead Lodges Lodge 3, Unit 311 – Summit Legend Trailhead Inc to Frederick and Lisa Schuth, $234,125.64 Mountainside at SilverCreek C U 97 Timeshare 097617 – Stone Living Trust to Mountainside SilverCreek Timeshare Owners Association, $500 Telemark Condominiums Unit 578 – Stephanie Christensen and Ryan Hunter to Kevin and Jillaine Horn, $312,500 Soda Springs Ranch Filing 2, Unit 5, TRT C – Anthony and Lynette Belfiore to Thomas Lathers, $102,500 Lot 18 SEC 22 TWP 3N R 76W Partial Legal – See Document – Michael and Janet Wickenheiser to Starnes Family, $85,000 Fairways at Pole Creek PH 1 & Open Space Unit 2 22 – Gary and Margaret Alcorn to Shane Harvey and Kathryn Reilly, $649,000 East Mountain Filing 3, Lot 28 – Kirk Olson and Brenda Drake to Patrick and Joanna Ball, $445,000 Meadow Ridge Lodges Court 3, Unit 6 – Mary Kennedy to Jason and Karen Bristow, $137,750 Columbine Lake Lot 2, Block 15, State Columbine Subdivision Lot 28 – Dorothy Fine to Sean Holamon, $222.000 First Valley Addn to Granby Lot 4, Block 1 – Robb and Molly Rankin to George and Alexandra McGuan, $260,000 Robbers Roost on Balsh Lot 2 – Robbers Roost LLC to David Griffus, $506,917 Lyons Homestead Subdivision Lot G, Block 3 – Wayne and Victor Grider to Gerald and Jean Lammers, $57,000 Slopeside Village Unit 2, Bldg H – Thomas J Vessels Revocable Trust, Tina H Vessels Revocable Trust to Rodney Valdez, $570,000 Grand Lake Lot 14, Block 22 – LJH LLC to Sandy Waters, $365,000 Trailhead Lodges Lodge 3, Unit 312 – Summit Legend Trailhead Inc to Taft Valley LLC, $367,480 Trailhead Lodges Lodge 3, Unit 333 – Summit Legend Trailhead Inc to Dean and Maxine Funk, $503,178 East Mountain Filing 5, Lots 104,115,116,123; East Mountain Filing 7, Lots 88,89,90,91,92,93,109,110,111 – Rendezvous Colorado LLC to Rendezvous Homes LLC, $750,000 Shadow Mountain Yacht Club Unit 5, Bldg Wescott, Garage No 5 – Peter Muncaster and Carol Lehr Muncaster to John and Louise Dillon, $315,000 SEC 23 TWP 3N R 76W Partial Legal – See Document – Alan and Evelyn Wentworth, Carol Hanna to Michael and Beth Minnick, $70,000 Granby Ranch Filing 1B, Lot 58 – William Lyon Homes Inc, Village Homes, NVH INV LLC to Ginger and William Oliver III, $563,467 Summit at SilverCreek Bldg 4, Unit 4301 – Peter and Annette Frith to Polly Gaskill, $95,000 Trailhead Lodges Lodge 3, Unit 314 – Summit Legend Trailhead Inc to Michael and Stacey Messer, $358,781 Pole Creek Valley Addition Lot 63 – Darren and Leslie Dines to Robb and Molly Rankin, $435,000 Trailhead Lodges Lodge 3, Unit 313 – Summit Legend Trailhead Inc to Paul and Leslie Hartmann, $474,900 SEC 25 TWP 1S R 75W Partial Legal – See Document – Robert and Ann Hinds to Shawna Yaussi, $30,000 Trailhead Lodges Lodge 3, Unit 324 – Summit Legend Trailhead Inc to Michael and Lisa Early, $367,748.94

Grand County Real Estate Transactions Nov 29-Dec 5

Mountainside at SilverCreek B U 56 Timeshare 056148 – Radu Mirea to Liana Mirea, $500 Mountainside at SilverCreek C U 112 – Cohano Investments LLC to Nikki and Jerry Rupe, $120,000 Meadow Ridge Lodges Court 13, Unit 2 – Barb Evans to Kenneth and Alice Laurer, $10,000 Mountainside at SilverCreek B U 37 – Equity Trust Company, Deborah Kayle Haile IRA, C Richard Haile IRA, Deborah Kaye Haile IRA, Hope Gonzales to Leo D Lentsch Trust, $155,500 Inn at SilverCreek PH II Condo Unit 468 – Adrian Bloomfield to Christopher Longshore and Jill Jolton, $25,000 Kicking Horse Lodges Unit 204, Bldg 6 – Martin and Caren Johnson to Hans Mills, $190,000 Ice Box Estates Lot 10 – Raymond Spiker to Erick and Carol McHenry, $333,900 Aspen Meadows Condominiums Unit 106 Bldg H, Gaqrage Unit 92 – Aspen Meadows Condominiums LLC to Dirk and Diane Weirauch, $300,000 Mountainside at SilverCreek C U 87 Timeshare 087606 – Sandra McQueary to Brian and Kellie Blankenship, $500 Pine Beach Subdivision Lot 5B, Block 5 – Wells Fargo Bank NA, Banc America Mortgage Securities Inc, Alternative Loan Trust 2006-2 Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates Series 2006-2, Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Chris Wood and Michael Reed, $216,300 Mountainside at SilverCreek C U 102 – Fred and Carol Schutz to Stephen Potter, $110,000 Blue Valley Acres Unit #2, Lot 9, Block 6 – Spanish Bible Fellowship Inc to Jorge Quinones, $30,000 Blue Valley Acres Unit #2, Lot 11, Block 6 – Spanish Bible Fellowship Inc to Jorge Quinones, $30,000 Colorado Anglers Club #1, Lot 30, Block 11 – Mutual Omaha Bank, Peak National Bank to Kenneth and Rhea Kniep, $18,700 Winter Park Ranch 4th Filing Lot S60 – Robert and Marcia Johnson to Daren and Rebecca Jacobson, $615,000 Pilcher Subdivision Exemption Unit 1 – Avit Dorffer and Cathy Wise Dorffer to David Siegfried and Melanie Rendleman, $290,000 Trailhead Lodges Lodge 4, Unit 413 – Matthew and Gretchen Halker to Thomas Robeson, $492,500 Shadow Mountain Estates Lot 14 – Linda Kahoe, Aimee Lewis and Rae Macias to Craig and Cassidy Hogan, $330,000 SEC 33 TWP 1S R 75W Partial Legal – See Document – Tommy Lasiter, Barbara Hoover and Doyle Rogers Jr to Fraser River Development CO LLC, $10,000,000 Carriage Road I Condominiums Units A,B,C,D – Veralex Ferrer Roda Revocable Trust to Carriage Condos LLC, $329,500 Meadow Ridge Lodges Court 25, Unit 1 – Daniel and Dustin Rodarmel to Derek and Heather Ruth, $176,500 Old Park Filing #2, Lot 2, Block D – Rita Young Christensen to Ryan Salzman, $17,500 Hi Country Haus Bldg 13, Unit 5 6 – David Varnum and Daniel Scott to Clifton and Heather Hiebsch, $145,150 Victoria Village Lots 10,11, Block M Partial Legal – See Documents – Gus Brown and Jo Stone to Kalin Davidov and Elena Paskova, $275,000 Rhovanion Townhomes Unit B – Angie Ochsner to Anthony Stalion and Tina Gianquitto, $166,000 Aspen Meadows Condominiums Unit 204, Bldg H, Garage Unit 85 – Aspen Meadows Condominiums LLC to Jeffrey and Jana Johnston, $315,000 Claytons Ranch Acres Lot 13 – Martha Williams to Jessica Stern, $388,000 Trailhead Lodges Lodge 6, Unit 623 – Gary Schulz, Melonee Thompson and Curtis Clark to Donald Hirschfield Jr, $337,000 Reserve at Elkhorn Ridge Subd Lot 12 – Louis Lodge Weber III Revocable Trust to Julie Malek and Richard Kornfeld, $261,750 Grand Meadows Granby Lot 36, Block 4 – Lester and Carol Mace to Shawn and Patricia Hakes, $183,000 Beaver Village Flg #2, Bldg 2, Unit 302 – Anthony Leffert and Melinda Cox to BV633 LLC, $500 Hi Country Haus Bldg 2, Unit 11 – Eleanor Blair to Virginia West, $115,000 Inn at SilverCreek PH II Condo Unit 658 – Justin Whatley and Luann Lee Whatley to Jordan Kimball, $38,000 Silversage Subdivision Lot 11, Block 3 – Randy Jackson to Ryan and Lyndsay Bender, $360,000 Shores of Shadow Mountain FP Lot 4 – Turner Home Solutions LLC to Ginger Mountain Rental LLC, $1,100,000 Palmer Subdivision Exemption TRT 1 – Sandy and Jeremie Salyards to P Bar M LLC, $121,792 Cozens Meadow at Grand Park Lot 25 – Grand Park Homes LLC to Neil and Irene Jans, $662,657

Grand Lake Chamber launches new website

GRAND LAKE – Just in time for a possible surge in “Grand Lake” searches after national exposure on the Travel Channel show “Hotel Impossible” on Monday night, the Grand Lake Chamber of Commerce’s new website went live for the first time on Friday. The site is meant to present a simplified, uncluttered home page with a larger display of rotating photographs for today’s large monitors, according to the site’s designer owner of O2 Creative in Winter Park Eric VanHerwaarden. “I like that’s it’s clean and not really cluttered,” he said. VanHerwaarden, who designed the chamber’s previous website about five years ago, said that site had outgrown its use and, given the technology available at the time of its creation, was labor intensive for chamber staff. “The way I used to do websites has changed so much from five years ago,” he said. The new site integrates the member management system ChamberMaster, which the chamber contracts on an annual basis to grant chamber members the ability to access the website to upload their own job postings, hot deals and discounts. “It helps the chamber members help themselves more,” said Grand Lake Chamber Members Director Kacey Beres, who has worked with ChamberMaster before. “It takes more off of the staff’s plate,” she said, allowing more time to focus on other member services and member recruitment rather than always updating content. According to VanHerwaarden, the site also uses the content management system WordPress, allowing the chamber to make feature changes on the site as necessary rather than have to contact a web designer each time for changes. And, “as time goes on, the chamber can keep updating and customizing rather than do a huge overhaul,” VanHerwaarden said. Among the site’s new features, users can plan their trip and book a room in town. As with any new website, there are still bugs to work out, Beres and VanHerwaarden conceded, which they will be rectifying in the coming weeks. “Hopefully it will make the members happy and grow their membership,” VanHerwaarden said. A grant from the Grand County Tourism Board helped pay for the new site.

William Hamilton: Gay marriage, an embrace too soon?

Last week was rough on President Obama. In the West Virginia Democratic primary, President Obama’s only opponent was prison inmate Keith Judd, who got 41 percent of the vote. President Obama’s war-on-demon-coal went over so badly in coal-rich West Virginia that the White House announced the president’s thinking about coal is now “evolving.” In Wisconsin’s GOP primary, incumbent Republican Gov. Scott Walker, whom the teachers’ union is trying to recall, got 97 percent of the GOP vote. On the Democrats’‚ side, two pro-recall candidates split the vote. In Indiana, the Tea Party defeated Republican Sen. Dick Lugar for being too liberal. On the eve of a Hollywood fundraiser, polling data showed President Obama losing his grip on the “youth” vote. Miraculously, President Obama’s position on gay marriage “revolved” to support of gay marriage. In 1996, in an Illinois Senate race, President Obama favored gay marriage. But in his U.S. Senate race in 2004 and in his 2008 presidential race, President Obama opposed gay marriage. Because the “young” rarely bother to vote, switching to gay marriage might not help President Obama at the polls. Moreover, he has now made gay marriage a hot-button social issue sure to bring out traditional-marriage independents and conservatives who, previously, were luke-warm toward the pro-traditional-marriage Mitt Romney. Moreover, many blacks do not favor gay marriage and might stay home on Nov. 6, 2012. Seven of the nine major “swing” states – Colorado, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Nevada, and Wisconsin – all prohibit same-sex marriage. Only two “swing states” allow gay marriage: Iowa by a judge’s court order, New Hampshire by legislation. In all, 42 states reject gay marriage: 12 states by legislative action and 30 states by state constitution. In 1996, President Clinton (D) signed the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), meaning the federal government does not recognize gay marriage as legal. In Colorado, because the Democrat leadership waited until after the Democratic Party caucuses to introduce a gay-marriage bill (wonder why?), the Democrats’ bill ran out of time; however, Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) immediately called a special session to try to force through gay marriage. While gays claim this is a “civil-rights” issue, traditional-marriage advocates point out that a simple, written contract – legal in all states – can already provide gays with the same “rights” as a marriage license. As of this writing, Colorado’s special session outcome is unknown. Bear in mind, Colorado adopted DOMA in 2000 and, in 2006, a state-wide vote rejected gay marriage 53 percent to 47 percent. For sure, Hickenlooper makes gay marriage a major election issue which, on the one hand, may ensure the defeat of any pro-gay-marriage Republican legislators and, on the other hand, could return the entire Colorado General Assembly to GOP control. Last week in South Carolina, gay marriage went down to flaming defeat. In neighboring North Carolina, where the 2012 Democratic National Convention is slated to be held, gay marriage is illegal both by statute and by state constitution. Some gay activists want the Democratic National Convention moved someplace where same-sex marriage is legal, leaving only Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont, or Washington, D.C. as possible locations. President Obama’s embrace of gay marriage at the $40,000-per-plate Hollywood fundraiser raised $15 million; however, Mr. Romney shot to a seven-point lead in national polls. Moreover, traditional-values voters started pouring money into Mr. Romney’s campaign coffers. Maybe President Obama’s latest “revolution” should have waited until after Nov. 6?

Gettin’ jiggy with Ullr

If dancing is dreaming with your feet, people are dreaming a lot lately: Snow dances are springing up from one end of Grand County to the other. On Thursday evening, Dec. 6, one spontaneous snow dance took place at the base of SolVista Ski Basin, another on Eisenhower Drive in Fraser. “Snow is a serious business,” said Granby Ranch Marketing Manager Lisa Craig. “We did this dance mostly because we’re in the business of helping everybody have fun. We wanted to lighten the mood. We thought maybe if we did a little offering, maybe it would snow. We’re willing to try anything.” SolVista’s flash mob-style dance involved cheerleaders from the Middle Park High School spirit squad, SolVista’s mascot Snowball, ski patrollers, ski school employees, lift operators, office staff and other employees. They danced to music “Jai Ho” (You Are My Destiny) by the artist A.R. Rahman and The Pussycat Dolls. “Snow Serum” shots were on special in the Seven Trails Grille bar. About 50 people showed up for the event, which included burning something that represented “a little sunshine” in the firepit, and offering one of the ski school guys to the snow gods by spinning him around in the snow. A video of the dance, now available on YouTube, was shot by Granby Ranch employee Jon Kohlwey. “It took on a whole life of its own,” Craig said. “We couldn’t have even planned it like that.” In Fraser, O2 Creative employees announced their Thursday’s snow dance on Facebook, which was picked up by Winter Park Resort and the Winter Park Chamber Facebook pages. About 20 people, including mascot “ZB,” showed up to Eisenhower Drive and were treated to hot chocolate and hula hoops. To music, snow revelers danced from one end of the street to the other. “It was a perfect location,” said Eric VanHerwaarden of O2. The snow dance in Fraser took place right at the time parents were picking up their children from school. Dancers yelled to passersby to “Honk for snow!” “People caught on and were excited we were doing it,” VanHerwaarden said. And while an Amtrak train was stopped on its tracks, Amtrak passengers too were entertained by the zaniness. “As business owners, we need to change our perspective about it,” VanHerwaarden said of the lack of snow throughout the region. “We need to be positive. It was nice to see all of the smiles.” Snow is in the forecast for Saturday in the Valley; VanHerwaarden hopes the dance will help bring more than the expected 4 inches.

Jessica Rose: I support same sex marriage

To the Editor: Yes I do stand up with President Obama and Joe Biden and I do support same sex marriage as well myself, and because this is a matter of civil rights, and it is, plus this is America we live in and civil rights violations have been going on way too long, it is time for America to wake up and realize that same-sex couples should be given the same rights to a legal marriage as heterosexual couples. This about two people who love each other and this is about same-sex families who have been denied their constitutional basic legal civil rights. It is time to open doors and allow for same sex marriage to become law in Colorado. I am so sick and tired of all this bigotry and hate toward those who are different than they are, plus we have Republicans getting into shouting matches with Democrats and just constantly arguing and fighting all the time over same-sex marriage and civil unions. I am glad to see Gov. Hickenlooper step in and call a special session at the Capitol in Denver. Jessica Rose Kremmling

Grand County real estate transactions June 24 to June 30

Grand Lake Lot 11, Block 38 – Richard and Kristen Kelly to Jeff and Kirsten Eldridge, $325,000Trail Creek Estates 3rd Filing, Lot 113 – George and Veronica Negley to Wallace James-Gregory Hayasaka, $389,000Trailhead Lodges Lodge 4, Unit 433 – Summit Legend Trailhead Inc to Robert and Kimberly Feehs, $522,448.90Ptarmigan Subdivision Fraser Lot 50, Block MH – Fannie Mae Federal National Mortgage Association to Michael and Patricia Ladd, $175,000Innsbruck-Val Moritz Sub (1) Lot 5, Block 9 – Nathaniel and Stacey Peterson to Raymond and Lisa Budisavljevic, $410,000Hot Sulphur Springs Block 17, Lots 7,8,9 Partial Legal – See Documents – Fannie Mae Federal National Mortgage Association to Lynn and Stephanie Bourquin, $65,000Miller Creek Subdivision Ex Parcel 2 – John Berry to Donovan B Hicks Living Trust, $70,000SEC 28 TWP 1S R 78W Partial Legal – See Document, SEC 29 TWP 1S R 78W Partial Legal – See Document – Steven and Deborah Roderick to John Holtz, $30,000Crooked Creek Complex U R5 Parking Space 3 – Norm Hewitt to Claim Stake LLC, $500Gore City Addn to Kremming Block 5, Lots 11,12; Gore City Addn to Kremmling Block 5, Lot 13 Partial Legal – See Document – Terry and Rynda Parrott to Brandon and Jaclyn Freel, $210,000SEC 25 TWP 2N R 78W Partial Legal – See Document/Includes Easements; SEC 26 TWP 2N R 78W Partial Legal – See Document/Includes Easements – Kirk and Joy Arnold to Peter and Annette Frith, $285,000Pine Beach Subdivision Lot 2, Block 5 – Janet, Michael and Eileen Roll to David Gordon and Mary Ann Wetzel, $65,000Mountainside at SilverCreek C U 115 Timeshare 115533 – Earl and Geraldine Fuller to Mountainside SilverCreek Timeshare Owners Association, $500Mountainside at SilverCreek C U 90 Timeshare 090639 – Robert and Camille Zachmeier to Kelley Franklund, $500Lot 7 SEC 4 TWP 1S R 76W Partial Legal – See Document – Macquarie Mortgages USA Inc, Macquary Mortgage USA Inc to Michael Gruba, $274,600Granby Ranch Filing 2B Lot 38 – NVH WIP LLLP, Village Homes to Jimmy and Nichola Henslee, Timothy and Nichola Tatarowicz, $492,298Bear Crossing Town Homes Lot 23 – Wade and Shonda Donels to Michael and Debra Zabel, $417,500Pines at Meadow Ridge Court F U 11 – Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Hyun Suk Song, $112,000Sunset Ridge Filing #1, Lot 19, Block 1 – Bradford Davis to Harold and Wanda McMinn, $110,000Village at Elk Track 2nd Flg Grand Elk Ranch & Club Unit 2, Lot 2 Partial Legal – See Document – Grand Quarters LLC to Sharon Studen, $124,650Aspen Meadows Condominiums Unit 201, Bldg F – Aspen Meadows Condominiums LLC to Todd and Lisa Youmans, $109,198Lots 16,17,18,19 SEC 6 TWP 2N R 81W Partial Legal – See Documents; SEC 9,10,11,12,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,22 TWP 2N R 81W Partial Legal – See Documents – Tom Hill Gore Pass Ranch Trust Agreement to Glenda Hill, $2,035,000

Same-sex marriage a ‘race to the bottom’

To the Editor: That federal judge who struck down Colorado's ban on same-sex marriage evidently hasn't learned much from the past. In a way, weren't we here a couple thousand years ago? The ancient and primitive Greeks and Romans crassly valued homosexual relations. But eventually the people wised up and realized that was a mistake (e.g., Plato condemned homosexual activity), and homosexual activity was again logically deemed unethical and was basically driven underground. Now, wayward, ever-so-trendy "progressives" are trying to take us back thousands of years to more primitive and decadent times, despite the fact that thinking people have known for centuries that homosexual activity is immoral and a bad legal precedent. (It's easy to show that all the arguments homosexuals use to try to rationalize homosexual activity are seriously flawed.) It may surprise you that some colleges like Harvard now have officially recognized student groups devoted to promoting the acceptance of BDSM — sexually deviant bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism. That's right. If you are a student who gets turned on by smacking people around, some colleges like Harvard now have groups for you. Bizarre. (Are Neanderthals running that school?) He who has eyes to see, let them see. The "logic" of heterophobic homosexuals is rapidly leading this society down a slippery slope to a more aberrant, disordered, and irrational society. Legal polygamy is coming soon. Maybe down the line we'll see "marriage" between straight and homosexual consenting-adult incestuous people. Whoopee! Anyone who thinks this is progress is deluding him/herself. Rome didn't fall in a day. But it did fall. Let's not join the race to the bottom. Wayne Lela Downers Grove, Ill.